‘The Temper Trap’

Temper Trap


It’s been a wild, brain straining, stressful, yet enlightening, few months sense I’ve even considered doing a blog entry. Losing my MP3 player hasn’t helped, and the lack of worthy material also contributed.

Diamonds in the rough are everywhere though, and I certainly found one in “The Temper Trap”. They’re from Melbourne, and have just this one EP out, but damn. Inspirational. I’ve uploaded what I could find HERE.
Quick fix ——> Youtube vids.


What really would have happened.

Moving on…

Neon Indian is another band I’ve been diggin’. They came out late, last year but only got popular threw blogs by the middle of 2009. Based from NY to TX they display such a robust, eclectic, nerdy vibe that grows on you so quickly. Their videos are just about as good as their music. Enjoy.

Until next time ladies!


I almost forgot…


It's ok Obama. We're here for you. Sleep tight.


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