My Gramma and your Gramma


FIRE!!!!! get the hell out of here, are you crazy???!?! OMG, we’re going to all burn to death if you don’t get the F*** up and get OUT!  DOOOOOOOOD…., Wait, an updated blog by adamkristo ?  Gimmy just a few seconds… I’ll be right down.

Boys Noize – Starter A good starter.  Boys Noize

Siriusmo – High together. ! Siriusmo

Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back (DJ Mehdi Remix)

The Disko Starz – French Touched I really can’t get enough of this! The Disko Starz

Dj Kaos – Love the Nite Away (Tiedye Mix) Now this will just make your day better!

Hockey – Learn To Lose (Filthy Dukes Remix) <—– ❤ a.k.a. GOLD. Filthy Dukes.

CEPI – There’s No Justice (CEPI Remix) Moving that ASS made easy, CEPI.


3 Responses to “My Gramma and your Gramma”

  1. Nice! Looking forward to more!

  2. Rae (Awesome Rae, that is) Says:

    Porkchop Sandwiches!! (Man, it smelled good in there)

  3. my lover
    my friend

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