Work Dumont.

Worked today,

Yeah, all day. I work here. I helped make 487 these. It lubes your bottom bracket, I’ll go no further. To give you a great example of what my work looks like here you go.


This priceless picture really captures the dungon / industrial look, along with the attitude, quite oftenly attributed to being in that position… The one that Matts in, to your left. Our job just gives us so much time to think, doing the repeatitive stuff we do all day, our mind has no choice but to wonder.


Wondering happens the most in that chair to the back.

During work today, I made sure to put —–> this <—– (Lily Allen – The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix) song on repeat at least 4 times.  It’s not new, but its a brilliant display of what Duke dumont can do with a Lily Allen track.  Duke Dumont is truly a badass.

For example:

Duke Dumont – Lean & Bounce

Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Remix)

Duke Dumont – Feltham (The Borstal Beat)

Random but appropriate = Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Allure Remix)

Enjoy this weekend!



3 Responses to “Work Dumont.”

  1. my toe scab fell off.
    and I named it Adam.
    after you.

    >>>>>>i’m watching you<<<<<<<

  2. that is privilaged


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