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It’s Sunday dusk, which will lead to early twilight sooner than yesterday, and the day before that.  Time moves fast fast fast, your life is getting shorter – the, literal, minutes that pass seem to pass faster.  Sitting back and reflecting on your days promotes awareness of self, and very healthy.  Try it sometime instead of running so fast.


These songs got me happy all last week:

Justin Faust has been blowing my mind for a while. Never, have I been disappointed with anything he does. Sit and listen to all his tracks he’s put up on his page, definitely worth it!

SomethingALaMode – Rondo Parisiano (Justin Faust Remix)

WhoMadeWho are a couple of nut bags that live in Denmark that make some really killer jamZ.

WhoMadeWho – Keep Me In My Plane (Reverso 68 Remix)

So I really have to hand it to Classixx again. Some real classy gentleman.

Major Lazer – Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)

Another good one!

Cinnamon Chasers – I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut Remix) ———->Myspace page

I just fell in love with Lenka!


Lenka – Trouble Is A Friend (Nadastrom’s Wishful Dub) FAVORITE!

And, last but certianly not least…

Miami Horror (really lame myspace page :/ )

Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Cassian remix)

Me and Lenka are meeting at the Melting Pot at 8:00.  I must get ready.





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Brand spankin’ new duo brought to my attention by a great friend Brandon, in NY.

It’s called “Duck Sauce” and its a project headlined by Armand Van Heldon and A-trak… I can only find one track so far but damn its good.

Duck Sauce – Anyway

I’ll be looking far and wide for more gems from Duck Sauce.

uhhh….. BONUS

SymbolOne – Love Juice (Moulinex Remix)



Enjoy ladies!

My Gramma and your Gramma

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FIRE!!!!! get the hell out of here, are you crazy???!?! OMG, we’re going to all burn to death if you don’t get the F*** up and get OUT!  DOOOOOOOOD…., Wait, an updated blog by adamkristo ?  Gimmy just a few seconds… I’ll be right down.

Boys Noize – Starter A good starter.  Boys Noize

Siriusmo – High together. ! Siriusmo

Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back (DJ Mehdi Remix)

The Disko Starz – French Touched I really can’t get enough of this! The Disko Starz

Dj Kaos – Love the Nite Away (Tiedye Mix) Now this will just make your day better!

Hockey – Learn To Lose (Filthy Dukes Remix) <—– ❤ a.k.a. GOLD. Filthy Dukes.

CEPI – There’s No Justice (CEPI Remix) Moving that ASS made easy, CEPI.

Glitch Mob.

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I managed to pick up a flyer a few weeks back that I didn’t think much of, but on Saturday I took a closer look and saw that, headlining, is ‘Glitch Mob’! Now I’ve only heard a bit by these guys, but after doing a bit of research, I am thoroughly impressed. Ooah, Edit, and Boreta complete the ‘Mob’ and all are literally blowing my socks right off.

Ooah – Heat Up The Night

edIT -Certified Air Material

Boreta – Hyperspace Clusterfuck

Sick live clip (minus Boreta)


Nosaj Thing will also be there, this guy is dope.

Nosaj Thing – IOIO

So, needless to say, July 27th is going to be ill.

I have some more tracks i’ll try to upload tomorrow that are not related to the night of the 27th 😉

P.S. Really good website that blows my mind (thanks Katie).

Maybe later ladies.

Work Dumont.

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Worked today,

Yeah, all day. I work here. I helped make 487 these. It lubes your bottom bracket, I’ll go no further. To give you a great example of what my work looks like here you go.


This priceless picture really captures the dungon / industrial look, along with the attitude, quite oftenly attributed to being in that position… The one that Matts in, to your left. Our job just gives us so much time to think, doing the repeatitive stuff we do all day, our mind has no choice but to wonder.


Wondering happens the most in that chair to the back.

During work today, I made sure to put —–> this <—– (Lily Allen – The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix) song on repeat at least 4 times.  It’s not new, but its a brilliant display of what Duke dumont can do with a Lily Allen track.  Duke Dumont is truly a badass.

For example:

Duke Dumont – Lean & Bounce

Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Remix)

Duke Dumont – Feltham (The Borstal Beat)

Random but appropriate = Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Allure Remix)

Enjoy this weekend!



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So, I’m Adam,

You’ll start receiving some craaazy music recommendations, along with pictures and links I come across that has made an impact on me, some way or another.  You might hate it, you may look everyday for something new, you might just forget about it…. I, frankly, don’t give a Sh** … (Actually, I really do – I would want you to check back daily, anticipating a breath of fresh air from all that smog out there, the bad news, the bad music.  This will make your life better).

With all that said,



So love, listen, compliment, critique, suggest, admire, behold, relish, and enjoy.

Came across some A Capella’s that will tantalize your spine if your at all into Diplo or Switch , both of which are and have been popular DJ’s / remix artists / producers that have graced the underground circuit, and slowly but surely,  creeping to the higher ground… but not yet.

Major Lazer Vybz Kartel – Pon De Floor .  Which is the first track of the new, and only album. “Gunz don’t kill people, Lazers do” <sick album mostly all the way threw… I’m having trouble with the vocoder in general lately.  See, STOP WITH THE VOCODER!!!” … I rest my case, thanks Billz>

I now with the nonsense.
De grote Vinnie, Donnie & Sjakie show – Pon di floor (A Capella) WTF? remake.

Until next time ladies.