I’m at the Tacobell..

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solar eruption (2010-08-24)

thanks dvdp

‘brown Larry Bird, yo the ninety-seven celtics’

Thanks BranD.


~It’s MY pleasure~

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HOW to DRESS well:

Oh HAii!~

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Fall is here.
Geeeez!  Where to start?  Personally… the tint in my glasses is gone – in fact, the glasses have been replaced with a completely new set of eyes.  Eyes that see right through you, in many perspectives and angles at once.  Socially… introvert – responsibly conservative with my emotions and channeling hyper awareness. Mentally… sharp like razors, open wide and versatile.  Musically… inactive but constantly searching under each boulder I find.  Spiritually… Awakened.  I’m healthy, eat well and ride a bike to work and back everyday.  Stopped drinking and smoking/ depending on distractions to get threw my days and thrive in sobriety.

Things I’ve delicately been sinking my teeth into lately are as follows:

Amazing composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.  You could say that he is the chief pioneer of all electronic music.  If you can make any sense out of this composition you’ll get 10 virtual hi-5’s immediately. HERE is the first of four Youtube videos of his movement ‘Kontakte’ circa 1959. Headphones are highly encouraged but not required. If your a geek and you want a really high quality version in ‘.flac’ format, HERE you go.

Christopher St. Leger is a painter. He paints in all kinds of media and styles, but most stunning and impressive works are within his watercolors. Browse with with glossy eyes and enjoy.

Carl Kleiner just breaks my legs with all the work he has done. That will take you a while to thumb threw.

So, I’ll be updating regularly again being that I have a steady connection to the webs, a dependable computer, and a roaming mind. Let me know what you think about the gems that were posted and if you have anymore things that amaze YOU throughout your days. I’d be honored to hear about them.

Maybe later ladies…


‘The Temper Trap’

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Temper Trap


It’s been a wild, brain straining, stressful, yet enlightening, few months sense I’ve even considered doing a blog entry. Losing my MP3 player hasn’t helped, and the lack of worthy material also contributed.

Diamonds in the rough are everywhere though, and I certainly found one in “The Temper Trap”. They’re from Melbourne, and have just this one EP out, but damn. Inspirational. I’ve uploaded what I could find HERE.
Quick fix ——> Youtube vids.


What really would have happened.

Moving on…

Neon Indian is another band I’ve been diggin’. They came out late, last year but only got popular threw blogs by the middle of 2009. Based from NY to TX they display such a robust, eclectic, nerdy vibe that grows on you so quickly. Their videos are just about as good as their music. Enjoy.

Until next time ladies!


I almost forgot…


It's ok Obama. We're here for you. Sleep tight.

Hernan Cattaneo

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This just brings me back to the delightfully clueless days ’98.  Best part, its brand new (Aug 2009)

Here is a mix by Hernan Cattaneo (split into three) weeeeeeeee.  Please enjoy responsibly.

Part one.

Part two.<——- <3<3<3

Part three.

Peace Love Unity Respect



August 31st

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It has been a long time.  And that I acknowledge… although, providing you with these essential jamz may make up for it all.

Nesquin Beach.


Man… ‘Breakbot’!

PNAU – baby (breakbot remix)

and then some…./

M83 – Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix By Jackson)

Lifelike- Discomachine

more upon request.




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It’s Sunday dusk, which will lead to early twilight sooner than yesterday, and the day before that.  Time moves fast fast fast, your life is getting shorter – the, literal, minutes that pass seem to pass faster.  Sitting back and reflecting on your days promotes awareness of self, and very healthy.  Try it sometime instead of running so fast.


These songs got me happy all last week:

Justin Faust has been blowing my mind for a while. Never, have I been disappointed with anything he does. Sit and listen to all his tracks he’s put up on his page, definitely worth it!

SomethingALaMode – Rondo Parisiano (Justin Faust Remix)

WhoMadeWho are a couple of nut bags that live in Denmark that make some really killer jamZ.

WhoMadeWho – Keep Me In My Plane (Reverso 68 Remix)

So I really have to hand it to Classixx again. Some real classy gentleman.

Major Lazer – Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)

Another good one!

Cinnamon Chasers – I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut Remix) ———->Myspace page

I just fell in love with Lenka!


Lenka – Trouble Is A Friend (Nadastrom’s Wishful Dub) FAVORITE!

And, last but certianly not least…

Miami Horror (really lame myspace page :/ )

Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Cassian remix)

Me and Lenka are meeting at the Melting Pot at 8:00.  I must get ready.